Nicole Salcido


I've always been drawn to Art, of many types, but I never really thought about applying it to Nail Services. It wasn't until I came across a job at Kay Jewelers. I felt that if I were going to be showing expensive, beautiful jewelry I should have beautiful nails. Being a very hands on artist this really was new territory for me. At first they were ok, but then when I decided to just get acrylic overlay to help grow out my natural nails, my world of long beautiful nails changed. Growing mine out naturally helped me get used to having them long and I loved it!! The woman that took care of my Nail Services really opened my eyes about being truly happy with her job, doing what she loves and just absolutely loving what she does. Naturally she is an artist as well. So it occurred to me, I love small detail, I can't ever get enough of the rhinestones and glitters and stamps, there are so many and with all the different design tools, having a different look on everyone is a most likely situation. And I love one of a kind work! Really I have been doing Nail Art for about 10 years, so when I decided to take on the Nail Tech Industry I had a little to bring with  me. I have always felt like Ive been wondering trough life looking for that one job that I can be truly happy about, I wanted and craved that job I was excited to wake up and go to. It took some time, I found it. I really do enjoy every aspect of it. I have always had a unique gift of massage and now I get to apply that to my Manicures and Pedicures.


Not only do I feel extremely fortunate to have found my dream job, I am extremely fortunate for my family. My Mother is a great influence in my life, fighting for what you believe and even though things may not always go your way we can still find a light at the end of the tunnel. And my Father, he passed away in 2010 from pancreatic cancer and boy did it take a toll, he always said no matter what as long as you had a fresh pair of undies on you can take on the world! My husband and I feel very lucky to have found one another, I married a bit later in life but I truly feel that it gave me a better perspective of what kind of man I wanted to be with forever. Little did I know I would also be getting children. A package deal! Yes! I win! Now I have herd some horror stories about Step Parents and Step Children and I never wanted to be one of "those". I couldn't have asked for better children, and naturally they stole my heart. I have had the ability to be a part of raising them for the better part of 9 years. And yes I was that mom that cried the day my little girl became a teen. I have to say I will never get over loving my boy being a mama's boy. Plus having a daughter allows me plenty of practice on a human every time I learn a new technique.

Our family at Ahead of Style exceeds anything I could have imagined wanting. I am so excited to get started and look forward to many excellent years. So strap on your pedicure shoes and find your way into our world, now that we are providing Nail Services we are your one stop shop for it all!